Lima, Peru

Pachacamac Park

  • YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Lima, PE
  • CATEGORY : Public Space


The project’s primary aim is to create a hybrid interface (which merges recreational, archaeological, educational and productive landscapes along a city scale ring) between the sanctuary and city not only for Lima’s local population but also for visitors and close by settlements. In order to support this, a macro-scaled strategy plan has been developed by studying six main subjects; Utilization diversity, Transportation, Green space, Climate, Morphology and Application Model/Staging. Carrying out these topics from macro to micro scale, a new urban scale park has been designed by referencing the existing natural, archaeological and manmade interventions on the area. The project proposes an infiltrating layout of structures within the gaps provided by the existing conditions. Without any zoning, the project simply aims to settle where the area naturally leads to. This approach leads the architectural programme into a fragmented and modular structure where the natural parameters such as making use of natural light and orienting towards the scenery defines the main characteristics. Both hard and soft-scape designs of the landscape also references the existing conditions in design and material. The proposed plantation strategy takes into account the prevention of erosion, providing feed for existing animals and requiring no maintenance. The choice of materials also follows the existing conditions. The rammed earth that comes out from the local quarry is used as the main ingredient in pedestrian pavements and also lower level retain walls.

Year  –  2019

Program  –  Master Planning

Client  –  Peru Minstry of Culture

Status  –  Competition Entry

Area  –  3.500.000 m²

Inan Karacay

Gizem Akin