Varna, Bulgaria

Karin Dom

  • YEAR : 2020
  • LOCATION : Varna, BGN
  • CATEGORY : Education

The proposed design aims to create a world class “Karin Dom SEN School” for children. A place that gives the best possible environment for our children to grow up in, and which promotes children’s learning, creativity and helps their “social inclusion”.

From the outside the school appears as a house for children, but from the inside it is coherent and efficient. This helps to create a place that is small, compact and exciting for children as well as functional and flexible in everyday life.


In figurative sense, the school consists of four spun wings in one to three floors – all integrated with roof gardens. The building´s layout – a cross-shaped floor plan forced into building area borderline – arose from the desire to avoid long corridors and to create landscape niches for various open space activities in the garden, beside finding best orientation within wooded project area to preserve existing foliage. The centralized atrium connects the different floors and group rooms and provides natural daylight. The atrium also functions as central gathering point, where informal meetings between children, employees and parents can take place. A continuous simple design has been key to the concept of the building.

Besides being the building’s envelope, the facade thus works as a fence for the playground, protection at the roof tops and solar screening in front of the windows. The facade gives a uniform expression and at the same time creates a modern interpretation and landmark in the area. The goal was to create a “House for Kids in Special Need” that not only understands and integrates its surrounding landscape, but also contributes something radically new and contrasting.


Year  –  2020

Program  –  Education and Healthcare

Client  –  Karin Dom Sen School

Status  –  Competition

Area  –  2.400 m²


Inan Karacay

Tuna Sensu

Elif Toroman

Deniz tutucu

Emre Seyran